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KINO FLO Blanket 16Bank 6Fit

קינו בלנקט 16 נורות 6 פיט - טנגסטן/דיילייט
  • 4 Mega 4Bank Ballast
  • 4 Extension, 25ft
  • 1 Blanket-Lite 6x6
  • 1 Silver Cloth Reflector
  • 2 Silk Diffuser
  • 1 Frame Assembly
  • 1 Blanket-Lite Case
  • 1 Frame Assembly Case
  • 1 Ballast/Mount Case
מק"ט LHT-10

The Blanket-Lite 6×6 is the grande dame of Kino Flo lighting. It’s big. It’s soft. It mounts on stands but as its name implies the Blanket-Lite can hang like a curtain of light or physically wrap around corners. From ambitious production designs that fly scores of Blanket-Lites at a time, to large area soft lighting on movie sets, to key lighting in small photo studios, the Blanket-Lite 6×6 covers a lot of creative ground.

The 16-Lamp Blanket-Lite The High Output Ballast
• 6ft True Match® daylight and tungsten lamps
• Mounting Frame
• Removable lamp wiring harness
• Silver reflecting material
• Mega
• HO/Standard switching
• Flicker-free, remote operation
• Individual lamp control
• Instant-on, dead quiet
Blanket-Lite Highlights

  • 16-Lamp 6’ x 6’ fixture with frame
  • Fixture includes Reflector and Harness
  • Same fixture takes daylight and tungsten lamps
  • No tools required to assemble mounting frame
  • Mounts to two junior stands or hangs from grid
  • Fixture can run remote up to 75 feet (24 meters) from ballasts
  • HO/Std, flicker-free ballasts
  • Instant-on, dead quiet
  • Individual lamp switching – no color shift
  • UL listed, CE approved
Blanket-Lite System

The Blanket-Lite is 6' x 6' in size and uses sixteen 6ft True Match Safety-Coated Lamps. It has a trim profile of 10" and weighs in at 72lbs (33kg) with frame and lamps.

It’s powered by four Mega 4Bank ballasts and four Mega 4Bank extension cables. Like other Kino Flos, the unit is high output, flicker-free and cool to the touch as well as to the talent. The Blanket-Lite offers either daylight or tungsten quality light, or a mixture of either in the same fixture.

Lamps are spaced along two ratchet straps on 4 ½” centers.  The Blanket-Lite mounts onto a 6’ x 6’ snap-on pipe frame which is easily assembled.  No tools required for assembly.  It can work by itself or in conjunction with diffusion materials, silver reflector (REF-6X6),
silks (DFS-6X6) or soft egg crate louver (LVC-6X6) sold separately.

Operate Blanket-Lite Manually

Lamps can be alternated by turning either 2 center switches 2 and 3 off or 2 outer switches 1 and 4 off.
This will result in an on/off pattern for an even 1 f-stop drop in light output.
Lamp Select Feature

Four Mega 4Bank Ballasts are required to operate one Blanket-Lite fixture.

The ballasts have a HO/Std switch. The Selector Switch has an HO setting for full light output while the Std setting can be used to lower the light level by a ½ f-stop.

When operating lamps in high ambient temperature or where the units are rigged into place with restricted airflow, the Std setting can be used to lower the color temperature and remove any green spike.

  Blanket-Lite Kit
Blanket-Lite 6×6 Kit, 120VAC  KIT-6X6-M230
Blanket-Lite 6×6 Kit, 230VAC

  4 Mega 4Bank Ballast
4 Extension, 25ft
1 Blanket-Lite 6×6
1 Silver Cloth Reflector
2 Silk Diffuser
1 Frame Assembly
1 Blanket-Lite Case
1 Frame Assembly Case
1 Ballast/Mount Case
קינו בלנקט
4* באלסט MEGA
4* כבל באלסט
רתמה + 16 נורות DL
רתמה + 16 נורות T
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4 זווית למסגרת לקינו בלנקט
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4 צינורות למסגרת לקינו בלנקט
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