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מחולל Time Code.
  • GEN Generates time code at 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30 fps drop and non drop. User bits can be left free or set as date
מק"ט VA-TCG-538

The Denecke GR-1 Master Clock Time Code Generator and Reader can generate 23.976 fps TC for use with HD video. The Denecke GR-1 is a precision time code generator/reader designed for production sound recording. Low power consumption with back lighting assures users of long battery life in a small reliable package. Speed checking, memory hold and print are powerful features that will help sound mixers on the set. High Definition compatible!

  • READ Reads SMPTE/EBU time code at normal operating speeds.
  • DISPLAY Time code/user bits and mode are displayed on a low power LCD display.
  • RATE Displays the incoming time code speed, mode and drop frame status.
  • HOLD Saves hold points in memory. Previous time code/user bit points are shown along with their memory location.
  • GEN Generates time code at 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30 fps drop and non drop. User bits can be left free or set as date
  • CLOCK An internal time of day clock updates the time code on every power up.
  • JAM Jam syncs to external code and can cross jam different code rates. Any break in code will jam to a new value (continuous jam).
  • CHECK Displays a comparison of the internal time code to external time code. An =, /=, + or – sign in the jam, generate and start/stop modes show offset and drift.
  • GU Inserts externally read time code in to the user bits of the current time code. This is useful for music playback with live action recording.
  • GX Generates time code locked to an external field or frame reference.
  • SS Generates time code in the start/stop mode. The code is normally stopped until pin #2 of the remote connector is pulled low. The hold memory is updated with every code start point.
  • REMOTE Printer out, hold, start/stop and TC in/out are accessible in the 9 pin D connector.
  • PRINT A serial printer can be connected to make time code logs, read breaks in input code and print stored memory points. LB Low battery is indicated before the power is exhausted. Also displays status of the internal memory battery.
מחולל Time Code

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