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FXLION ATTO ONE – Battery Pack

ATTO ONE is the smallest battery in our product range and is the perfect companion for your camera rig, gimbal, LED light or even your smartphone and laptop. The battery is super small and weighs only 220g.


The ATTO ONE Battery is our most compact battery pack. It is designed to be used with gimbals, camera rigs, or anything else that need power. Due to its compact size, the ATTO ONE is perfect when setups need to be as compact as possible. It features a barrel DC socket with 7.7V output, USB-A and a USB-C socket.

On the side there is also a D-Tap socket available. On the back you can find a 1/4” thread for use with camera rigs or any other rig. You can only use USB-Chargers for charging. The D-Tap and other sockets are only outputs. Like all our batteries, it has a built-in protection circuit for protecting itself as well as all connected electronic devices.

There will be an aluminum holder available which the battery can just be slid into. It is a great enhancement, especially for gimbals and camera rigs. With 37Wh of capacity, it almost comes to our second-smallest battery, which is the NANO ONE (50Wh).  A four level LED status indicator shows the capacity status as well as if the battery is being charged or discharged. For DC cables, head over to our Cables section page. You can also use the NANO-Hub in combination to further convert voltages and connection possibilities.

Holder for ATTO-ONE

This holder is made for ATTO-ONE batteries. Just slide in your battery pack and mount it on gimbals or camera rigs with the included screws. You could even use it as a handle for camera rigs. Made out of sturdy aluminum so its rock solid!

ATTO ONE Battery
Holder for ATTO ONE
USB-C Cable