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ARRI WVR-1 Wireless Video Receiver

המקלט החדש מבית ARRI מתקשר עם המשדר המובנה ב ALEXA LF, הוא מקלט מקצועי ללא דיליי שמגיע כעד כ-600 מטר עם יכולות העברת טריגר, סאונד וטיימקוד. בנוסף המקלט עמיד וחזק במיוחד אשר מיועד לתנאים שונים עם הגנה מאבק ומים.
  • Transmits Up to 600m Uncompressed
  • For ARRI & 3rd-Party Cameras
  • 128-Bit AES Encryption, <1 ms Delay
  • Pair Up to 4 x Receivers per Transmitter
  • Embedded 2-Channel Audio, TC & REC Flag
  • Water-Resistant, Dust-Proof Housing
  • X5 Antenas
מק"ט WIR-WVR

The ARRI WVR-1 Wireless Video Receiver accepts video transmission from the ALEXA LF with internal transmitter, or from the stand-alone ARRI WVT-1 transmitter. The ARRI wireless video system provides real-time, uncompressed wireless transmission for ARRI or third-party cameras up to approximately 600m with under 1 ms of delay. Up to four WVR-1 Receivers may be paired with each ALEXA LF with internal transmitter, or stand-alone WVT-1 transmitter.
Dual-channel audio, timecode, and a REC flag function are included in the 128-bit AES-encrypted signal. The WVR-1's 10-bit output is compatible with HDR monitoring.

Designed for daily use on professional sets, the WVR-1 features a rugged, water-resistant and dust-proof design with protective connector collars. This receiver accepts power voltages ranging from 10.5 to 34V, suiting it for use with a wide range of batteries. With an inclusive operating temperature of -4 to 113°F, the ARRI wireless video system is suitable for a variety of locations.

Five antennas, an RPS-1 power supply, and a USB cable are included with this receiver. The included MIA-1 interface adapter mounts the WVR-1 to a 19mm rod or to a 5/8" light stud.

– MIA-1 Multi-Interface Adapter for ARRI Wireless RX
This MIA-1 Multi Interface Adapter from ARRI provides two mounting options for an ARRI wireless system WVR-1 Receiver or WVT-1 Transmitter. Use this adapter to mount the wireless component to a 5/8" light stud or to a single, standard 15mm or 19mm support rod.

– RPS-1 Receiver Power Supply
The ARRI RPS-1 Receiver Power Supply to provide continuous power to the Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1. It may also be used to power the WVT-1 Wireless Video Transmitter, or the UMC-4 Universal Motor Controller. This power supply includes international wall socket adapters.

מקלט WVR-1
X5 אנטנות
מתקון לבאר, סטנד 1K, הברגה 3/8, 1/4 MIA-1
ספק כח RPS-1
X1 כבל כח לימו 3 פין ל D-TAP

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