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TIFFEN Pro-mist 4X5.6 – 1/8

פילטר white Pro-mist 4X5.6 1/8
מק"ט FIL-WP5E

Pro-Mist filters still continue to give today’s cinematographer, using modern cameras, a beautiful and effective look. Offering a timeless glow, along with its darker version, black pro mist, remains in the minds of many cinematographers as the de facto fusion reference. When one comes to considering adding diffusion to an image, the pro mist range of filters is as at home on film as well as digital cameras. It’s halation is more prominent than pearlescent, which is easily seen in the practical and specular light sources.

In the stronger densities it is clearly apparent how the Pro-Mist diffuse effect reduces the skin tone shimmer, clearly diluting both skin tone values.

Densities: 1/8, 1/2, 1, 2



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