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AMIMON PRO HD-SDI Wireless Video set

AMIMON PRO הוא סט וידאו אלחוטי HD-SDI ידידותי לתפעול המעביר וידאו באיכות 1080 בלי דיליי. סט אלחוטי זה יעיל למרחק של 100 מ' (על פי היצרן).
מק"ט WIR-AMN


The revolutionary technology of the second generation of AmimonPro chipsets finally made this possible! The Globe Flight HD SkyLink is an extremely powerful yet very lightweight wireless HD video transmission system for all kinds of live broadcasting applications. The light weight, especially of the transmitter, makes the HD SkyLink system the perfect choice for live streaming from your multicopter or from a steadycam system. There are no more limits set to spectacular and high quality live images with incomparable transportability and flexibility!

Up to 60 fps Full HD live image without any delay

The HD SkyLink system transmits safely encoded (128 AES) but without compression, thus there is no delay (less than 1ms latency). Multicasting is supported, you can receive the signal of one transmitter with multiple receivers. It is also possible to operate multiple transmitters at the same time with one receiver. The desired transmitter can then be chosen with the included remote control (up to 3 transmitters can be chosen directly by pushing a hotkey), so you can switch between different sources easily. The HD SkyLink is the ideal solution for parallel streaming and to provide a live preview for the camera operator.

Enormous range and stable video transmission

The possible range with the included omnidirectional antennas is already remarkable. With our optionally available 12dBi custom patch antenna you can achieve a tremendous increase in the maximum operating distance. By this means, the field of application is yet more versatile especially in the air, even when the transmission power is limited to just 25mW (no special registration is required for the ISM band). The connection is quick and easy using adapter cables instead of the omnidirectional antennas.

Adjustable frequencies for flexible appliances both on the ground and in the air.

The frequencies used can be adjusted easily and quickly on location via the USB port. You have full control over your wireless HD system and can meet the legal requirements of your region with the software and the provided attenuators. With the factory settings, the system is prepared for the use on the ground at full transmission power. If you chose the ISM band and reduce the transmission power to 25mW using the included attenuators, you can start operation in the air e.g. with a multicopter at any time. To be permitted to use full transmission power also in the air, you only need to apply for the desired frequency at the federal network agency and then select the respective frequency in the software.

2 X אנטנת משדר
5 X אנטנת מקלט
2 X כבל BNC
ספק כוח 12V
כבל כוח D-TAP

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