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DZOFilm Pictor 20-55mm and 50-125mm T2.8 Super35 Zoom Lens KIT PL and EF Mount

סט 2 עדשות זום 20-55 מ"מ & 50-125 מ"מ בצמצם 2.8 בגימור בצבע לבן או שחור לבחירתכם, SUPER 35 PL&EF-MOUNT
  • Maintains Focus Throughout Zoom Range
  • Swappable PL Mount; Canon EF Included
  • Near-Zero Breathing
  • 16-Blade Iris
  • Focus, Iris, and Zoom Lens Ring Gears
  • 95mm Front Diameter
מק"ט LNS-PZK

This bundle of the Pictor 20-55mm and 50-125mm T2.8 Super35 Zoom Lens Bundle from DZOFilm comprises a two-lens set with a white or black finish. The lenses provide coverage of an extended zoom range with a relatively fast maximum aperture. Both lenses cover Super35 and have similar lengths, weight, lens gear positions, and front outer diameter, making for fast lens swaps.

Each lens comes standard with a PL mount and also includes a Canon EF mount for compatibility with a wide range of digital cinema cameras. The lenses hold focus throughout the focal length range and feature matching 16-blade irises for producing round out-of-focus highlights. This bundle includes a durable protective case for transport and storage.

Par Focal Zooms

Both zooms are parfocal in design and performance with a maximum aperture of f/2.8. The lens design features floating elements that virtually eliminates focus breathing. Each lens covers the Super35 image circle, comes standard with an interchangeable PL mount, and includes a Canon EF mount. The 16-blade iris creates round out-of-focus highlights, which have a more natural appearance and contributes to the lens's natural-looking bokeh. The lens features cine-style gear rings on the focus, iris, and zoom lens rings, making it compatible with cine-style lens accessories such as follow focus units, lens motors, and lens control systems. The 95mm outer front diameter allows you to use a variety of compatible third-party matte boxes, and the lens has an 86mm filter thread. A lens support foot allows you to support the lens on rods to help reduce strain on your camera's lens port.




Focal Length

20-55mm And 50-125mm




Front Lens Diameter



20-55mm – 164mm long
50-125mm – 175mm long


20-55mm – 1.5Kg
50-125mm – 1.7Kg

תומך עדשה LS-10/11
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