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DZOFilm Octopus Lens Adapter (PL to DL)

מתאם מעדשה PL ל DL-mount המתאים למצלמה 4D. מתאם מכאני, ללא מעבר נתונים בין העדשה למצלמה.
  • Adapts PL Lens for DJI Ronin 4D Camera
  • Maintains Infinity Focus
  • Flocked Coating Reduces Reflections
  • Stainless Steel Mount Component

The Octopus PL Lens to DL Adapter from DZOFilm enables you to use PL-mount lenses on your DJI Ronin 4D gimbal camera. Redesigned to weigh only 5.4 oz, this adapter features a stainless steel mount, a flocked interior that reduces internal reflections, and a 1/4"-20 support foot that can be used to reduce stress on your camera's lens mount. The included PL-mount port cap can be used to block dust from entering your camera while using the adapter.


  • DJI Ronin 4D
  • ARRI PL-mount lens

Lighter Weight

This adapter has been redesigned to weigh only 5.4 oz, reducing the overall weight of your camera rig.

Maintains Infinity Focus

Infinity focus remains accurate.

Support Foot

The 1/4"-20 support foot can be used to decrease the load on your camera's lens mount.

Coated Interior

A flocked coating reduces internal reflections.
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