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סט מיני פלו - סט תאורה לרכב
  • 1-Lamp remote fixture
  • Fixture includes Louver and removable Harness
  • Same fixture takes daylight and tungsten lamps
  • Light enough to tape to car dashboard
  • Fixture or Lamp w/ harness runs up to 48ft (15m) (4 x 12ft cables) from ballast
  • High Output, Flicker-free Ballast
  • Instant-on, dead quiet
  • Dimming control
מק"ט LHT-MIN

The Mini-Flo System, sometimes called a “car kit,” can be found most often lighting nighttime car interiors and other small areas. However, over the years, the Mini-Flo’s unique lightweight and color control features have endeared it to video and broadcast lighting designers as a cool, efficient chin light for speakers at a podium or news anchors in a TV studio. The Mini-Flo is available with single dimming ballasts.

Mini-Flo Features Include
• 12V Dimming Ballast
• Flicker-free, instant-on
• Runs lamps 9" and 12"
• Removable Lamp Harness
• Focusing Louver
• True Match® daylight and tungsten lamps
Mini-Flo System Highlights

• 1-Lamp remote fixture
• Fixture includes Louver and removable Harness
• Same fixture takes daylight and tungsten lamps
• Light enough to tape to car dashboard
• Fixture or Lamp w/ harness runs up to 48ft (15m) (4 x 12ft cables) from ballast
• High Output, Flicker-free Ballast
• Instant-on, dead quiet
• Dimming control
• Same ballast runs 9" & 12" lamps
• UL listed, CE approved

  Mini-Flo Kit
  Mini-Flo Kit 12” Universal (2x BAL-139X)  KIT-139X/09
  Mini-Flo Kit 9” Universal (2x BAL-139X)
2   12VDC Mini-Flo Ballast
2   2.4 Amp Universal Power Supply
2   12” or 9” Fixture
2   Extension, 12ft
2   Mount
1   Flex Arm, 6ft
1   Alligator Clip Adapter XLR
1   Car Adapter XLR
1   Splitter XLR
1   Travel Case
(CFX-1201 or CFX-091)
  21.5 x 7.5 x 16”
(55 x 19 x 41cm)  Weight
  13 lb (6kg)

Mini-Flo System

The Popular Mini-Flo System was one of the first products introduced by Kino Flo. Its primary application was to light a passenger and driver inside a nighttime car interior. Since its introduction, it has found various other uses such as to simulate a laptop illuminating a
face or built into news desks as a low light source.

The Mini-Flo system is available in 9" and 12" lengths and can be powered by a one-unit 12vdc Dimming Ballast (BAL-139X).

              w/ Mini-Flo Ballast BAL-139X
9" and 12" Mini-Flo Fixture

The Mini-Flo Fixture houses the lamp and includes a removable Louver and Lamp Harness. The Lamp Harness, Fixture Shell and Louver are held together with Velcro fasteners.

Fixture is comprised of 3 parts:1. Lamp Harness
2. Fixture Shell
3. Black Louver
The Mini-Flo ballast can power 9" or 12" lamps with the the appropriate harness. The fixtures can take Kino Flo KF55 daylight lamps or
Kino Flo KF32 tungsten lamps.
Fixture can be used in two configurations:

1) Complete fixture (CFX-091 or CFX-1201) with all components combined.
2) "Harness Only" (HAR-091 or HAR-1201) – The lamp harness is removed from the fixture so that the user can rig the lamp into
tight locations. It can be operated independently of the plastic housing.

Rotate the Mini-Flo lamp 1/4 turn to lock into the lamp connector.


The Mini-Flo kits come with two mounts and six feet of Flex Arm Wire for mounting the fixtures. The Flex Arm Wire can be cut to desired length. One end of the flex arm is locked down into the Mini-Flo harness and the other end is locked down into the Mini-Flo mounting plate. Screws or adhesive tape can be used to rig the mounting plate.
DC Power Cables
The Mini-Flo Kit comes with two sets of DC power cables; one set with Alligator Clips with 4-Pin xlr (PWC-AX) and a second set with a
Car Adapter with 4-Pin xlr (PWC-CX).
          DC Alligator Adapter, xlr                       DC Car Adapter, xlr
                    (PWC-AX)                                   (PWC-CX)                     
Most of the time the Mini-Flo operates on 12vdc, but there is also a
2.4Amp 100-250vac universal power supply (PWS-1524X) available.
It has a 4-Pin XLR cable and can power two x 9" or 12" lamps.
Also, included with the kit is a 4-Pin xlr splitter (PWC-X42) which can be used in conjuction with the DC Alligator Adapter (PWC-AX), DC Car Adapter (PWC-CX) or the universal power supply (PWS-1524X) to power two 9" or 12" lamps.
The Mini-Flo Ballast
The Mini-Flo ballast, BAL-139X, is a dimming 12vdc ballast and can power one 9" or 12" Mini-Flo fixture. It uses an external power supply(PWS-1524X) to operate on 100vac-250vac. The advantage of having one ballast per fixture is that it gives the most rigging flexibility when the Mini-Flo fixtures are to be placed far apart. Also, the size of the ballast is small and easily hidden in a car. It comes with a 4-pin xlr connector.
Ballast Operation
To ensure proper operation, always turn off the ballast before connecting or disconnecting lamps, harnesses or extension cables. Maximum distance, 48 feet (4 x 12ft cables ).

The Mini-Flo Ballast operates remote from the fixture. Connect the Mini-Flo lamp harness to the extension cable or the Ballast. After the lamp is properly installed, the Ballast can be turned on. Avoid operating in temperatures above 125°F (51°C). The ballast works reliably under most normal conditions, but it's also trustworthy in more harsh conditions, such as extreme cold. The Mini-Flo ballast is designed to operate at temperatures from 14F to 122F (-10C to +50C).

Note: The dimmer should be full up when striking the lamp. Once the lamp has come up to full temperature, in three to five minutes, then dim to the desired light level.

In cold temperatures the ballast may take longer to ignite the lamp. If it does not ignite within five seconds, switch the ballast to off, and try again. If lamp does not strike after two or three attempts, turn ballast off, check that the harness, lamp or any extension connections are secure and restrike.

For more detailed information, see the Operation Manual.

The Mini-Flo Extension cable
Up to 48ft (15m) (4 x 12ft cables) can be used between the ballast and fixture.
The Kino Flo Lamps
The Mini-Flo lamps are available in 9" and 12" T5 and two color temperatures, KF32 to match tungsten and KF55 to match daylight. They display a broad, even, color-correct light that cinematographers have come to depend on for over 20 years.

The Mini-Flo will operate other manufacturer's lamps 9" and 12". In some cases may want to use cool white or warm white lamps to match the overall environment or can use blacklight or other special lamps for effects.

All fluorescent lamps require some "burn in" time before they operate at their rated Kelvin temperature and brightness. For dimming products, the lamps perform best after 100 hours of operation.

2* אג'קרייט
נורות DL
נורות T
2* מיתקון תליה
2* באלסט
2* כבל מאריך באלסט
מעביר 220 ל 12V
כבל מצבר
כבל מצית
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