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  • Wide Frequency Response
  • Omidirectional Polar Pattern
  • TA5F Connector
מק"ט MIC-CAL

Lectrosonics M152/5P – Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone.

The Lectrosonics M152/5P Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone is highly sensitive, and features a wide frequency response that accentuates the presence and character of the human voice. The M150's frequency response is measured at 20Hz to 20kHz with a slight rise around 10kHz, resulting in a brighter, more "airy" response. A low frequency dip around 50Hz reduces noise caused by proximity effect and ambience. The omni-directional polar pattern provides a generous response at the direct and off-axis sections of the microphone capsule. The M152/5P is compatible with any Lectrosonics beltpack with a TA5 connector.

Omnidirectional Polar Pattern
The omnidirectional polar pattern provides a generous pickup at the direct and indirect sections of the capsule. The omnidirectional pattern is less susceptible to handling and clothing noise.
Wide Frequency Response
The wide 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response features a slight rise around 10kHz. The high frequency rise enhances high frequencies of vocals, creating an "airy" response.
Compatibility with Lectrosonics Transmitters
The mic is compatible with any other Lectrosonics beltpacks with TA5 connectord
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