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LiteGear LED LiteRibbon, Chroma Series, Cine-Five, RGBW + LiteDimmer

סרט לדים RGBW גמיש הטוב ביותר בשוק מבית LiteGear, המתאפיין בעיקר במנעד הצבעים הרחב ביותר עם שליטה מלאה, תוך כדי שמירה על איכות הצבע הגבוהה ביותר עם CRI גבוהה ובהירות גבוהה במיוחד. הסט מגיע עם שלושה סרטי לדים של 1 מטר ועוד סט אחד של 2 מטר, בנוסף עם הסט מגיע ה-LiteDimmer המאפשר שליטה מלאה.


Simply, the best flexible LED in the market, with a significantly lower price that its predecessor. Its main feature is it’s Cinema “color-space” with output that perfectly matches the thousands of LiteMat and LiteTile products currently available. It achieves this with the single best applied phosphor LEDs available in the industry. With ultra high CRI and full-spectrum output, the Cinema Series is also 30% brighter than the previous VHO Pro LiteRibbon.

The all-new unified connectivity system

All the new Cinema and Studio LiteRibbon models include unified connectivity using the same 3-conductor cable and ubiquitous PH3 connectors. This allow the use of our growing models of LiteDimmer Hybrid LED dimmers including Micro, Pro, and the new Pocket series of controllers. Additionally, the power (watts) applied to each LED is the same¹ regardless of output color. This makes it easy to calculate required power sources, dimmers, and connectivity.

CHROMA RGB-Daylite LiteRibbon is a single row of wide-angle, low profile LED emitters mounted to a flexible, adhesive-backed circuit board that has cut points located after every 3 emitters. It has been designed specifically to be used as a light source when either flexibility, size, or low power consumption are critical. The LiteRibbon family has an entire control, power, and distribution ecosystem, which allows for a wide variety of options to handle any situation. When used with a multi-channel dimmer pack, you can achieve one of millions of color choices. Chroma-Correct is a proprietary LiteRibbon designed specifically for those with an eye on blending color with high-CRI white light. This custom 4-in-1 chipset is populated with RGB emitters and a color-correct Daylite.


LiteDimmer Studio Series 5X8v2

LiteDimmer Studio 5×8 is the most advanced DMX-controlled LiteRibbon® dimmer available. Each of its five channels is capable of controlling 100W at 12VDC or 200W at 24VDC – that’s 8 amps maximum per channel. We have included specialized software modes that allow for true cinema and TV-style action. From the simple setting where all channels respond to DMX address 1, to freely mixing RGB with Hybrid (bi-color) white for saturated and color-correct output. Adjustable PWM frequency, 8- or 16-bit operation, combined with user-selectable dimmer curves make our Studio 5×8 like no other.

  • Single, Hybrid, RGB+Hybrid, and RGB(A/W)+Single Modes
  • DMX Control with Test Operation
  • Variable PWM Frequency (5~30 kHz)
  • Flicker-Free
  • Variable Dimmer Response (Gamma) Curve
  • 8-bit and 16-bit Operation
  • RDM-Capable
  • Ultra Capacity (32A Continuous; 40A Max.)

X3 סרט לדים 1 מטר
X1 סרט לדים 2 מטר
LiteDimmer (קונטרולר)
כבל D-TAP לקונטרולר
כבל מתח 4-פין לקונטרולר (לחיבור בריק)
כבל מאריך 2 מטר
ספק כח
כבל קומקום

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