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פילטר IRND 2.1 6X6 אינפרה אדום
מק"ט FL6-IR1

The Tiffen Full Spectrum IR ND filters extend the light transmission characteristics into the infrared region of the spectrum and are essential for the cinematographer  to control the near infra-red, particularly when using heavier densities. Tiffen Full Spectrum IR ND Filters can be used in conjunction with the Tiffen Clear Hot Mirror for Digital Motion Picture Cameras using a CMOS chip sensor which does not use an internal IR Blocking filter such as the RED ONE and SI2K, to fully combat near and far IR pollution across the range. Tiffen Full Spectrum IR NDs are also manufactured in combination with the Tiffen Hot Mirror for ease of use in sunshades or smaller Matte Boxes when using these cameras. Both series are available in ND.3, ND.6, ND.9, ND1.2, ND1.5, ND1.8 and More These filters are manufactured using our proprietary lamination process, which means that each effect is captured between two pieces of glass, allowing us to grind and polish both surfaces to achieve perfect parallelism.

With the advent of Digital Motion Picture Cameras and a digital imaging device taking the place of film, DOPs no longer have the option of selecting the optimum film for their application. They must now deal with a “one size fits all” imaging device that is designed to replace all the various film types; what you see is what you get. This means that the use of filters regardless of the capture format rate is even more critical in achieving the desired results.

Because the imaging device is designed to be sensitive in low light conditions, it is easily over exposed in bright situations. The Neutral Density filter is used to help control this situation as well as to gain more control over depth of field. Up to now ND filters made with dyes did this job, but passed small amounts of far red to near infra-red light to create their transitional slope between attenuating visual and passing infra-red.

In addition to the visual spectrum, digital imaging devices are sensitive to infra-red. This infra-red can have an effect on the quality and the color of the image. Digital imaging devices require higher grade neutral density filters but are sensitive to infra-red (IR). This IR pollution has an adverse effect on the quality and the color rendition of the images – stealing contrast and color, resulting in unwanted color shifts. Greens become a reddish muddy brown and blacks have a magenta hue. To combat this problem, some camera manufacturers use an IR blocking filter in front of the imaging device – most notably, the Sony F23, F35 and the Panavision Genesis. However, when you combine a neutral density filter with cameras containing a built in IR blocking filter, the result is a spike in the near infra-red.

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