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MATTHEWS Gridcloth Full 6X6

בד ווש ווש סטופ מלא בגודל 6X6 פיט.
  • 6' x 6' Gridcloth
  • Heavy diffusion of light
  • Considerable amount of ambient bounce
  • Approximate light loss is 2.0 Stops Matthews
  • Hemmed with nylon webbing and grommets
מק"ט FLG-6W-F5

This is a Matthews 6 x 6 ft, Gridcloth, to fit any Matthews, or other brand or make frame.

Matthews fabrics are tested for even light distribution in a black chamber with an incandescent light source at one end and the fabric positioned 2/3 of the way between the source and the digital light meter. This gridcloth provides slight diffusion and minimal light loss.

Best suited for outdoor video, or cinematography, when the rustling sound of fabric in the wind is unacceptable.
For heavy softening of sunlight, or studio fixture output.
בד ווש ווש מלא 6X6

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