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MATTHEWS Gold Reflector 4X4

בלנדה זהב בגודל 4X4 פיט.
  • Designed and engineered to disassemble for easy replacement
  • Manufactured with tempered, glass mirrors for higher reflectivity and true color transmission
  • Standard 4x4 Reflector with Yoke Brake (Gold)
  • Frame is then mounted into a yoke which has a 1-1/8" pin
  • Pivoting positive locking braking system
מק"ט FLG-GRF

Matthews Gold Reflector 4X4 ft.

Standard 4×4 Reflector with Yoke Brake (Gold) by Matthews Studio Equipment, Part# 119070: Matthews offers several different types of Reflectors. The Reflector Made of honeycomb material sandwiched between two sheets of aircraft aluminum which is then set into an aluminum frame. The frame is then mounted into a yoke which has a 1-1/8" pin to fit a Combo Stand, and a pivoting positive locking braking system. The Standard Reflector is made with a shiny silver paper glued on the "hard" side and silver leaf squares on the "soft side". It is also available in gold. item dimensions:

בלנדה זהב 4X4

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