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TIFFEN G.Diffusion 4X4 -1

פילטר Gold Diffusion 4X4 -1
מק"ט FIL-GD1

Gold Diffusion/FX®

Gold Diffusion/FX offers an optical softness helping reduce the sharpness associated with today’s modern lens. As it introduces a golden warmth that wraps itself around the image, this filter produces a slight reduction in contrast, creating a very pleasing effect on darker skin tones. Practical light sources and skin shine seemly unduly moved by the filters reduction until the heavier densities are introduced.

As with all Diffusion/FX range facial features, like eyes, are given an apparent sharpness, giving a very pleasing look to beauty shots. The lowering of contrast changes the shadow area without producing a halation from specular or practical light sources. Until we get to the very heavy end of the range, even then its affect is refined and un-invasive. One can also see the filters added warmth in the gray scale in the wide shot.

Densities: 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4


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