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סטדיקאם הוא מכשיר הנועד לנשיאה ולייצוב של מצלמות קולנוע ומצלמות וידאו. עקרון פעולתו הוא בידוד מכני של המצלמה מתנודות גופו של הצלם, מה שמאפשר צילומים "חלקים", נטולי רעידות, גם כאשר הצלם נע במהירות על משטח לא מישורי. הסטדיקם פלייר נועד למצלמות במשקל ביינוני (עד 6.8 ק"ג).
  • NP Battery Compatible
  • Hard Case
  • Iso-Elastic Stabilizer Arm
  • 16:9 Monitor
מק"ט POD-STE

Steadicam Flyer Stabilizing System with V-Mount Battery

The Flyer Steadicam camera stabilization system with its support for camcorders weighing from 4-15 lbs. is the ideal tool for the professional videographer's shooting commercials, industrials, documentaries or daily news.

Features a patented Garrett Brown Iso-Elastic Articulated stabilizer arm, unique arm/vest connector, aluminum post with patented low mass gimbal and a color 16:9/4:3 LCD monitor, offering advanced features/benefits with low cost for the video professional. You only need to add a battery and camera of choice as all other required system components are provided for normal operation.

The lightweight Flyer performs like a true heavyweight. It lets you shoot on the move effortlessly, without cranes, booms or dollies. The sled-mounted monitor offers a crystal-clear picture, relieving your eyes from being glued to your camera's eyepiece. And with the vest spreading the Flyer's weight comfortably over your torso, you can climb stairs, shoot on the run, or even from a moving vehicle. With one smooth tracking shot, you can capture what used to require five or six setups.

No-tools precision camera stage establishes a solid base for the camera and facilitates smooth adjustment ease from side to side plus fore and aft.
The aluminum post and interface to the stage form a solid bond to assure no jitter in the picture as the operator captures those unique scenes.
Utilizing a proven Low Mass Gimbal the operator has the ability to capture the fluid movement.
Articulated Arm
The patented Garrett Brown Iso-Elastic arm is an articulated no-tools design that can be adjusted while supporting the camera. This patented unique design allows the Steadicam operator to place the arm in any position where it will remain. This is especially useful for "lock-off" shots.
The Flyer is compatible with NP-1 style, Sony V-Mount, PAG and Anton Bauer bricks.
Ergonomically and lightweight, the custom vest keeps you cool and comfortable throughout your shoot while providing excellent support to reduce fatigue.
Color LCD Monitor
The 16:9/4:3 color LCD NTSC/PAL monitor provides good contrast from dark to light situations, and is a necessary part of the overall system design. The monitor weight and location on the sled assures the operator perfect balance and ease of operation.
Includes a self-instructing videotape with manual. (While it is possible to learn with these tools, Tiffen offers Steadicam Workshops on a regular schedule).
Supports cameras weighing 4 to 15 pounds (2.1-6.8Kg).
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