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מוניטור "הבית" של אוטופיה - F7S הוא המוניטור On-Camera המומלץ לעבודה על מצלמה. בעל מסך מקצועי ברזולוציה 1200*1920, בעל יכולת שרשור סיגנל ואפשרות קבלת סיגנל 4K דרך HDMI
  • 1920*1080 Pixels
  • Waveform/Vectorscope/RGB Parade
  • (Image Flip (H, V, H/V
  • Focus Assist, Pixel-to-Pixel Mapping
  • (Ratio marker (4:3,13:9,14:9,15:9,16:9,1.85:1,2.35:1
  • (4K Input (HDMI Only
מק"ט MON-F7S

UTOPIA F7S monitor features "gold size" 7-inch full HD large screen, resolution 1920X1200, pixel density up to 323PPI. The outstanding image quality that allows you to achieve your "VISION", in addition the viewing angle become very important, as the camera operators may shift his/her position relative to the monitor during the shot. F7S IPS 160° wide viewing angle allows the operator to have a clear, easy-to-see image as their position shifts.

F7S uses the professional Rec.709 HD color standard, and uses the color calibration technology, with the professional instrument calibration at the factory, it can achieve monitor calibration efficiently and get accurate color reproduction easily, do not distort the color, show the real image when you shooting video, the F7S also supports ITU standards and HD video Rec.709 standard consistent color space, advanced image processing technology, so that the image clearly presented, the color is extremely natural, to ensure accurate color reproduction, to reproduce the physical nature of shooting, enabling users to accurately evaluate the quality of various input video signals.

– Specially designed to merge portability, and functionality, 22mm thickness, 445g lightweight, the F7S gives you freedom to shoot well anywhere. See your picture accurately, consistently and clearly, regardless of your position.
– Easy operate button design, allowing you immediately to improve the shooting efficiency. F1, F2 custom shortcut function keys, can fast access to the functions you needs, focus assist, false color, exposure, embedded audio etc.
– F7S is equipped with standard 1/4 hole (bottom), easy to install DSLR Rig, Camcorder Kit, Handheld Stabilizer, Video Camera Crane, combined with image flip function, convenient for field shooting.

– The compact design of the F7S includes 3G-SDI and 4K HDMI input/ output, USB Upgrade, 3.5mm Ear Phone Slot, Built-in Speaker. Its SDI Input supports all SD, HD and SDI formats up to 1080p 60Hz and HDMI input supports formats up to 4K 2160p 30Hz, perfect support for almost all signal.
– The F7S has 3G-SDI, 4K HDMI in and loop-out, allowing it to not only display live signals, but also send them out to other monitors simultaneously. It's the ability to display live picture on multiple displays at once while still maintaining the original video quality.


קייס קשיח
X3 סוללות NP-F
מטען לסוללות NP-F
מתאם אנטון ל DC
כבל BNC קצרצר
כבל HDMI
סך שמש למוניטור
זרוע מפרקית - UT-ARM

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