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ABonAir AB305HD Wireless set

סט וידאו אלחוטי HD-SDI איכותי של חברת ABonAIR המתמחה בתחום הוידאו האלחוטי. סט זה עובד למרחק של עד 500 מטר (לפי נתוני יצרן).
  • Full SD/HD support – 1080p, 1080i, 720p, NTSC, PAL • H.264 Encoding / Decoding for best picture quality • Low delay mode • SD/HD-SDI • Distance up to 500 meters • Full Duplex Data link up to 1 Mbps • Low power consumption (10 W)
מק"ט WIR-ABO-3

ABonAir’s AB305TM wireless video link is a revolutionary design of the ABonAir technology that was created to cut system cost dramatically while maintaining all the famous high-end performance of ABonAir products.
The AB305 brings all the performance and features of the high-end quality products of ABonAir in a low cost package to enable budgeted production teams to benefit from robust reliable wireless video systems.
AB305 is a wireless video system enabling camera teams to send video content directly from a camera to a news van or director-monitor and over the air, without complex and time-consuming cable setting.

The AB305TM supports HD and SD in all resolutions and frame rates, with low delay mode of only 90msec.
The system allows video transmission of up to 500 meter in range, while consuming only 10W of power. All these features are delivered in a small, lightweight and compact form factor that is easily attached to any camera.

ABonAir’s unique algorithms achieve unmatched picture quality, stability and range.
Built on ABonAir’s video streaming technology with its continuous bitrate adaptation mechanism, Re-Transmit algorithm and a set of unique enhancement algorithms (including: dynamic/adaptive transrating, buffer management, variable CBR©, Flexrate©, Superframe) the AB305TM is the best solution available today.

ABonAir professional wireless HD links utilize the new H.264 Codec technology that enables 2X compression over MPEG-2 while maintaining the same picture quality.
This immediately translates to longer distance and higher picture quality PSNR.
AB305TM utilizes OFDM radio that assures robust and reliable radio link under the most difficult conditions.

ABonAir’s systems have the lowest power consumption in the industry, achieving more battery air time than any other system.

מקלט ABonAIR
משדר ABonAIR
אנטנה מגבירה אות
מתקון למגבר אות
4 אנטנות משדר/מקלט
2 כבל BNC
ספק כוח 12V
כבל כוח D-TAP
כבל XLR

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