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ANTARI HZ-400 Haze Machine

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  •  Tank Capacity: 2.5 liters
  • Fluid Consumption Rate: 21 hr 1liter
  • Remote Included: W-1 Wireless Transmitter
  • Air Pressure: 30 Psi
  • Weight: 14.2 Kg
  • Dimensions (mm): L 491.8 W273 H 310.5
  • Liquid Used: Antari HZL-1 Liquid (Hazer Liquid)
מק"ט LA-SMR

The HZ-400 is equipped with an internal, maintenance-free air compressor, a sophisticated haze transfer mechanism, and a specially designed liquid tank. The HZ-400 is equipped with two haze nozzles capable of producing virtually invisible large volume of haze output.

The fine translucence and non-stop output produced by HZ-400 makes more remarkable by the fact that with this hazer there are no temperature controls, hot air and warm-up times during operation. Its internal compressor is extremely powerful, quiet and very efficient. With an added on-board DMX which provides users to control the unit by any DMX 512.

HZ-400 Professional Haze machine is the elegant combination between the ultimate haze quality from high capacity, low fluid consumption and silent operation demanded by professionals.


» Voltage : Europe version : 230 Volt

» Output : 2,800 cu.ft / min

» Tank Capacity : 2.5 liter

» Fluid Consumption Rate : 16 hr / liter » Remote Included : HC-1 Timer Remote

» Optional Remote : HCR-1 Wireless Remote

» Air Pressure : 100 Psi

» Weight : 18.5 Kg

» Dimensions (mm) : L 500 W 320 H 246

» DMX : On board

» Liquid Used : Antari HZL-1 Haze Liquid

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