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O'CONNOR Ultimate 2575D

ראש שמן מקצועי שהונדס ספציפית עבור מצלמות קולנוע 35 מ"מ בעל יכולת נשיאה של עד 60 ק"ג.
  • 150mm Base
  • Handle of 4 Rosettes
  • Left Side Controls
  • Capacity of 60Kg
מק"ט POD-OCH

The O'Connor ULTIMATE 2575D Professional Fluid Head was specifically engineered for supporting 35mm film cameras. This head is capable of supporting camera payloads up to 133 lbs 60 Kg and offers handle connections on all four corners. The 2575D carries an unbeatable 5-year warranty for parts and labor as well as friendly, accessible technical support.

Sinusoidal Counterbalance System
Provides true finger-tip counterbalance at any angle within tilt range
True Fluid Dampening
Step-less fluid dampening specifically enhanced for film applications
Dual Adjustable Pan Arms
Four rosettes are offered for placing pan arm at front locations as well as rear.
Dependable Caliper Disk Brakes
Fail-safe pan and tilt braking to ensure the safety of precious camera payloads.
ראש 2575
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