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FLOWCINE 2-Axis Puppeteer

מתקון Puppeteer דו צירי. מאפשר צילום חלק ללא רטט/רעידות על ידי הסרת תנודות לא רצויות שנגרמות לכבל ה-EasyRig בזמן הליכה או ריצה.
  • Mounts Handheld Gimbal to EasyRig System
  • Tilt and Roll Axis Stabilization
  • Reduces Motion from EasyRig Cord
  • Enables Easy Gimbal Tilting
  • Compatible with Freefly MoVI & DJI Ronin
  • Top Handle & Handlebar Grips Available
מק"ט VA-PPT

Designed to support a handheld motorized gimbal from an EasyRig system, the 2-Axis Puppeteer from Flowcine enables smooth and vibration-free operation by removing unwanted tilt and roll axis motion caused from the EasyRig cord while walking or running. Isolating the motorized gimbal from the cord also allows you to easily tilt your motorized gimbal when shooting in follow or majestic modes without having to fight against the tension of the EasyRig cord. The 2-Axis Puppeteer is compatible with the Freefly MoVI, DJI Ronin, and similar models when paired with the separately-available top handle or handlebar grips.

Note: The 2-Axis Puppeteer is not compatible with the Letus Helix.

Key Features
  • Designed for using a handheld 3-axis motorized gimbal with an EasyRig support system
  • Tilt and roll axis stabilization
  • Eliminates unwanted motion coming from the EasyRig cord
  • Enables easy gimbal tilting in follow or majestic modes
  • Compatible with popular models such as the Freefly MoVI and DJI Ronin (top handle and handlebar grips are sold separately)
מתקון Puppeteer

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