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X3 הוא מיקסר שטח נייד, קומפקטי 3 ערוצים המיועד לתפקד כמיקסר אודיו עבור פיצ'רים, סרטים תיעודיים, ENG או כמעט כל יישום המחייב מיקסר.
  • 3 Input Channels
  • Balanced & Unbalanced Outputs
  • Low-Cut Filter Switches
  • Pan Control Switches
  • Tape Return Inputs
  • Built In Limiter
מק"ט MIX-W3

Wendt X3 3-Channel Portable ENG/EFP Field Mixer.

The Wendt X3 is a 3-channel field audio mixer designed for ENG/EFP broadcast and remote audio recording on location. With a feature set that is identical to the Wendt X4 and X5 field mixers, the X3 features the flexibility necessary for professional application, featuring 3-channels and a compact light weight profile.

The Wendt X3 features 3 balanced microphone and line level switchable XLR inputs with rotary gain controls, pan control switches and low-cut filter switches. Three position pan control switches provide control over left, center and right stereo signal placement. Low-cut filter switches eliminate low frequency noise at 100Hz and 140Hz (12dB/octave). The X3's low noise signal path ensures low signal-to-noise ratio on output. Output connections include stereo L/R balanced XLR and unbalanced TA-3 male connections. A TA-5 male link connection in provided for linking an X3 to an X5 field mixer. The X3 will operate up to 12 hours on 6-AA alkaline batteries and +48V phantom power is supplied.

3 Input Channels
The Wendt X3 features 3-channels with balanced microphone and line switchable XLR input connections.
Balanced & Unbalanced Outputs
The output section features balanced stereo (L/R) XLR connectors. Unbalanced output is provided via stereo TA-3 male connection.
Low-Cut Filter Switches
All inputs feature low-cut filter switches that eliminate hum and low-frequency noise at 100Hz and 140Hz (12dB/octave).
Pan Control Switches
Three position pan control switches provide control over left, center and right stereo signal placement.
Tape Return Inputs
Analog tape return inputs are provided via 3.5mm stereo input jack.
Built In Limiter
Internal peak limiting prevents signal distortion caused by excessive signal gain and transients.
Slate Microphone
An internal slate microphone is included.
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