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KINO FLO VistaBeam 300

ויסטה בים 3 נורות - טנגסטן / דיילייט
  • 2,000W Quartz Equivalent
  • Low Electrical Draw
  • Includes 90 Degree Louver
  • Includes Filter Frame
  • 96W x3 Lamps
מק"ט LHT-BI3

The Kino Flo VistaBeam 300 fluorescent fixture delivers the equivalent brightness of a 2,000W quartz softlight, while drawing only 2.4 Amps of power at 230V. The stackable 310 is an ideal choice for downlights or traditional stand mounting as fill lights. However you use the 310 you'll continue to save money on operational costs like air-conditioning and lamp replacement due to its cool, efficient design while gaining output thanks to enhanced parabolic reflector design and Kino Flo's True Match 96W (CFL) twin lamp technology. The DMX-ready VistaBeam, offers 3 addresses for individual lamp remote dimming and a 4th address for high/standard output levels of its 3 tubes from a control console. You can also dim it manually or via an optional hand-held remote on a 15' cable.

When fitted with 3- F96/CFL fluorescent tubes (available separately), this fixture will provide 68 footcandles at a distance of 10 feet. The version of the VistaBeam 310 comes with a pole mount, 90 degree louver and a gel frame. The pole mount allows you to control pan and tilt functions of hanging fixtures from below.

  • DMX lamp switching
  • HO/Standard switching
  • Individual lamp control
  • Flicker-free, remote operation
  • Reflector, Louver and Gel Frame
  • Stackable design
  • Instant-on, dead quiet
  • Remote hand-held lamp control (DIM-5 optional)
  • Broad, even light – ideal for studio and location lighting
  • Low amperage draw, energy savings
  • Long lamp life, low lamp replacements, low maintenance labor
  • Low operating temperature
  • Low air-conditioning costs
  • More efficient heat management design for stable color temperature
  • Uses 5500K, 3200K, 550nm green and 420nm blue lamps
  • Mix lamps for various color temperatures
  • High color rendering True Match lamps work well alongside conventional quartz lights or HMI's
  • DMX and manual switching for stable color temperature and light level control
  • Multi-use, location daylight fill or soft key, studio soft light, studio blue and green screen lighting
ויסטה בים 300
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