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רשימת ההשכרה

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חצובה מקצועית לצילום וידאו בעלת יכולת נשיאת משקל קטן עד בינוני (2-12 ק"ג), ראש כדורי 100 מ"מ
  • Supports 2-12kg
  • Balances DSLR to ENG Cameras
  • 100mm Bowl Mount
  • 9 Steps of Drag
  • Touch & Go Plate
מק"ט POD-V12

Botai V12 tripod system has a capacity of 12 kg. System 100 mm diameter head is included. Botai real professional camera movement with the performance of V12 can be selected, including the zero position of the 6-position pan and tilt are available. 9 position selectable tripod head balancing system (counter balance) is located. It is possible to ensure stability on the head with built-in spirit level easy. Thanks to the lightweight and sturdy tripod system to have quick and convenient to carry. The aluminum tripod is included with the system. fast floating platform structure at 70mm intervals for quick installation of the camera is used. Botai tripod system 6 Prime HD, HDV, DV, shoulder and is ideal for hand-held cameras. DSLR cameras also can be used.

חצובה V12
פלטקה Sony
ידית חצובה
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