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k-tek-psc Short Boom Pole

מוט בום למיקרופון באורך 3 מטר (בערך) לנשיאה קלה ונוחה. לבום אחיזה ארגונומית עם מנעולי סיבוב אינטואיטיביים. בנוי מגרפיט כך שהוא קל משקל.

  • up to 3 meters
  • 5 Telescoping Sections
  • High-Density Graphite Construction
  • Soft-Touch Dimpled Collars
מק"ט SA-BOM

Short Boompole – approx. 3m long.

The Short Boom is a very lightweight, superbly engineered, and meticulously crafted 5 section boompole made from a graphite fiber derivative in a black matte finish. It is used primarily for feature film location sound recording.

The dimpled graphite section collar locks are highly durable and jam resistant, twist adjusting easily and precisely. The Quick Connect poletop option, featuring stainless steel threading and cable retention slots, is standard with this model, adapting a variety of mounting and wiring solutions.

Hybrid composite, high density graphite fiber selected for maximum strength and minimum weight.
Coupling designed for maximum holding power with a minimum of torque applied. Coupling designed to be dust, dirt and sand proof. "Captive Collett" design makes coupling resistant to jamming.
Non-reflective processing on the uniquely milled surface makes the collar much more durable than knurling or ribbing. It offers controlled gripping power and is gentle on your hands, even when wet. The surface is hard.
Unique pole top features cable retaining slots and a replaceable stainless steel threaded mounting stud.
Standard "mushroom" base, cast in polyurethane, is engineered for maximum shock protection.
Accessory attachable base sections for internal wiring, internal 48V Phantom and 12V "T" power supplies and extension sections are available.
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