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חצובה מקצועית לצילום וידאו בעלת יכולת נשיאת משקל קטן (עד 6 ק"ג), ראש כדורי 75 מ"מ.
  • Load Capacity up to 10 kg
  • Ball Diameter: 75 mm
  • integrated levelling ball
  • Levelling bubble
מק"ט POD-MS-006


The Secced SC-DV6/75RP Fluid head replaces the previous SC-DV2/75AH, SC-DV4/75AH and SC-DV6/75AH models, it is a component of the Reach Plus 1 systems.
The SC-DV6/75RP has a payload capacity of 0-5.6 kg / 0-12.3 lbs (at a CoG HeightCenter of Gravity Height is the distance between the CoG of the fully loaded camera mounted on the
fluid head and the top of the fluid head. The higher the CoG height is, the lower the fluidhead can be loaded. of 75mm), tilt range from -75° to +90° and features an integrated 75mm ball head, being compatible with most 75mm tripods on the market.
The step-type counterbalance system of the DV6/75RP head provides faster camera balancing, a much finer adjustment and wider load capacity range: the number of counterbalance grades are 8 (0-7 steps), Damping has 4 grades (0+3 steps), and similarly to the counterbalance system, this is also more precise and more refined, ensuring smooth, high quality camera movements in the most varied shooting situations.
The quick release mechanism of the DV6-75RP enables the cameraman a fast mounting and dismounting of the camera.
Secced Reach Plus 1 fluid head is ideal for most Mini-DV and HDV camcorders, with fixed or interchangeable lens, even without accessories or equipped with many professional accessories.

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