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מצלמה המאפשרת סטרימינג ישיר לאינטרנט ו/או ישירות לפייסבוק. הMEVO החדשה של Livestream משלבת מצלמה, פלטפורמת סטרימינג נוחה, וסוויצ'ר וידאו כדי ליצור מכשיר all-in-one. למרות גודלה הקטן, ל MEVO חיישן 4K של SONY ועדשה רחבה 150°. באמצעות ה MEVO, ניתן ליצור 9 זוויות מצלמה וירטואליות ברזולוציה p720, כאשר כל זוויות הצילום והמיקס שלהן נשלטות ע"י אפליקציה. בעצם ניתן לשלוט בכל זווית כאילו הייתה מצלמה עצמאית נפרדת. תראו ותתרשמו...
CAMERA FEATURES: • 4K sensor & 150° ultra wide-angle lens • Built-in rechargeable battery for 1 hour of continuous shooting • Live switching between 9 virtual camera angles • MicroSD card slot • Built-In Stereo Microphones
מק"ט CAM-MVO

Mevo Live Event Camera by Livestream (Black).

Livestream's Mevo Live Event Camera combines a camera, a live streaming platform, and a video switcher to form an all-in-one story-telling device. Despite its palm-sized form-factor, the Live Event Camera fits a UHD 4K sensor behind a 150° wide-angle lens. This configuration endows the Live Event Camera with the capability of supporting 9 virtual camera angles at 720p resolution. Each virtual angle is controllable and selectable via the free iOS app (requires iOS 9 or later operating on iPhone 5s or newer). Using touch-based gestures; you can control each angle as if it was a real camera with a zoom lens on a tripod.

Edit Live in HD
The 4K resolution sensor inside the Live Event Camera is sufficient for supporting up to 9 virtual 720p HD cameras. The "cameras" and the switching between the cameras are controlled via touchscreen gestures on your iOS device. While operating, the app will either display the full sensor image, where you can edit using the multi-touch gestures, or all the virtual angles based on facial recognition or manual angle placement. When operating using the full-sensor mode, tapping on the screen will cut to a new angle, pinching the active image area will zoom it in and out, and dragging the active image area will introduce a pan movement. Alternatively, you can choose to view all of the angles on a preview screen and choose them like you would on a video switcher. The facial recognition is powerful enough to trigger an automated editing process which will take over if the app is left alone for an extended period. Edit decisions will be made by the facial recognition based on which subject is speaking. Audio is handled with an integrated stereo microphone, whose signal can be combined with any audio source connected to your iOS device's audio jack.
Sharing Options
The advantage of editing your footage in real-time is that right after the event, you have a fully cut video ready for sharing. Internally, video is recorded to microSD cards. A 16GB card is included with the camera so you can record with it right out of the box. Another option is to take advantage of your connected iOS device. Using the app, video can be uploaded to your favorite social networks.If you have a Livestream subscription, you can connect the Live Event Camera via Wi-Fi, and broadcast your event over the web, having this tiny camera replace up to 9 physical cameras and a switcher. Better yet, the camera can record internally and stream simultaneously. The best connection scenario is having the camera connect to a broadband Wi-Fi network, which it can leverage for the most reliable video. However, if you connect it directly to your iPhone's access point, you can stream using your cell provider's LTE network (data charges may be applicable depending on the provider). Quality will automatically adapt to the available bit rate(5 Mbps minimum required for streaming), so your viewers will experience the best quality possible for a given scenario.
The pocket-sized chassis makes the Live Event Camera versatile in that it can be placed almost anywhere, unobtrusively. Because of this, you can use it to film concerts, weddings, sports games, conferences, and more, without being forced to go far away from the action. No special rigs are required, just set it on a table-top or use the included base to screw it onto a microphone stand or a tripod with the included 1/4"-20 adapter. When not inside the base, the camera will be slightly tilted up, preventing the shot from being dominated by the surface that the camera is placed on, e.g. a table or desk.Atop the camera is a status LED which displays current recording and network connection status. It can also act as a tally light, illuminating the approximate direction the current virtual camera is pointing. A rear USB port can be used for power, charging the internal battery, and data transfer from the microSD card to a computer. The internal battery will last for up to an hour on a full charge. For longer events, a 10' USB power cable is included, so when the camera is plugged in, there will be ample slack for placing the camera away from the wall.
Mevo Mount
Mevo Boost
Mevo Stand
USB Charger

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