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AVENGER Long John Silver Stand

לונג ג'ון סילבר
מק"ט STD-LJ

The Avenger Long John Silver is a wincher driven hoisting system that raises over 19 feet high, with the most important lighting loads in the new cine market (in terms of heads and movers) up to 264 lbs. Highlighted Features: • Swift Lift: features a gas piston system; a series of polyzene slides; and two adjustable rolls • Leveling Legs: three completely adjustable leveling legs; a double effect mechanism; and a leg warmer for a great grip and great feel • Swivel Block: three big carved pneumatic wheels; adjustable and lockable in 6 positions; makes a 360° turn when loose; and a brake for rock steady stability.


attachment 01
1 1/8 (28 mm) bushing not threaded
attachment number
1 1/8 (28 mm) bushing not threaded attachment type
silver color
Maximum Height
570 cm
Minimum Height
177 cm
aluminum + steel
safety payload
120 kg
closed length
224 cm
108.000 kg

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