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  • High Super-Cardioid Directivity
  • High Pass Filter
  • Eliminates Proximity Effect
מק"ט MIC-SAN

Sanken CS-3e Mono Shotgun Microphone.

The CS-3e Mono Shotgun Microphone from Sanken provides convenient camera mountable size with the directional signal reproduction and range expected of larger, professional shotgun microphones. The CS-3e is designed for directional dialog capturing in studios or on location. The microphone implements 3 directional capsules arranged in a front-to-back array resulting in phenomenal super-cardioid directivity at high, mid and low frequencies.

The CS-3e is capable of maintaining high signal quality at longer distances, making it ideal for ceiling and overhead placement. In addition to exceptional super-cardioid off-axis rejection, the microphone capsule eliminates low-frequency proximity effect when used in close proximity to the signal source. Measuring only 10 inches in length, the CS-3e is suitable for camera or boom pole mounting applications.

High Super-Cardioid Directivity
Three capsules arranged in a linear array provide a super-cardioid directional pattern that rivals conventional phase interference shotgun microphones.
High Pass Filter
A high pass filter switch eliminates noise and rumble caused by wind, handling and more.
Eliminates Proximity Effect
The CS-3e eliminates proximity effect and low-frequency overload caused by close microphone placement.
Convenient Size
Measuring about 10 inches, the CS-3e is perfect for both camera or boom pole mounting applications.

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