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קינו ארוך 8 נורות - טנגסטן/דיילייט
  • Flathead 80 Fixture
  • 2x 4Bank Ballasts
  • Mount with Junior Pin
  • 2x 4Bank Extension Cables: 25'
  • Includes Reflector, Louver, Cardholders
  • Uses 8 Optional True Match Lamps
  • Universal Voltage: 100-240V AC
  • Instant-on, Dead Quiet, Flicker-free
  • Individual Lamp Switching
  • Can Run up to 75' from Ballast
מק"ט LHT-8B

This Flathead 80 System from Kino Flo is a large, soft 51 x 24 bank with a low 4" profile that uses 8 optional True Match lamps to create a wall of light or simulate a large bounce surface with low demands on floor space. It's also an ideal over head source. The light includes a Flathead 80 fixture, two 4Bank universal ballasts, a 1-1/8" Junior mount and two 25' head-to-ballast cables. The fixture comes with a gel frame, 90 degree louver and 4 cardholder brackets that allow the use of foam core panels as barndoors. Because of the wide popularity of the 4Bank, Kino Flo decided to use two 4Bank ballasts Instead of producing a Flathead 8-lamp ballast. Each ballast runs on 100-240V AC mains power for worldwide use. In lieu of dimming the ballasts have individual lamp switching. They have North American 3-prong plugs.

  • Flathead 80 Light Fixture Only

    The Flathead 80 System works very much like the vaunted Foto-Flo 400, but it delivers twice as much light. The Flathead 80 fixture uses Kino Flo's custom Hollywood-style True Match lamps and reflector technology that displays a very soft, flattering beauty light. A special parabolic louver focuses the beam. Cardholder "bumpers" at each corner have also been added for hanging the fixtures, or for attaching foam core cutters or black cloth.

    This is a fixture only — no mounting plate, or ballasts. As with all Kino Flo fixtures and kits, the fluorescent tubes must be purchased separately.

    Delivers twice as much light as the Foto-Flo 400.
    Ideal for fashion and portrait photography.
    Tubes can be controlled remotely with a pair of optional Foto-Flo ballasts.
    Cool and lightweight enough to be hand held or mounted directly to walls and ceilings.

    The 4Bank Ballast from KinoFlo is designed to power any of their 4-tube T12 fluorescent fixtures such as the 4Bank and Mega 4Bank. This is a silent, flicker-free ballast specifically developed for film and video production.

  • Mounting Plate with Junior (1-1/8") Pin

    This is a Kino Flo Twist-on Mounting Plate with a junior (1-1/8") pin that will allow mounting of a Kino FLo fluorescent fixture into a cine-stand's female receptor.

  • Extension Cable for 4-Bank Fixture – 25'

    Extends the range of one of the Kino Flo's 4-Bank fixture components.
    25 feet long.

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