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חצובה מקצועית לצילום וידאו בעלת יכולת נשיאת משקל קטן עד בינוני (עד 10 ק"ג), ראש כדורי 100 מ"מ.
  • Pro Video Tripod Head
  • Fluid Head
  • Quick Release
  • Supports 22 lbs
  • Friction Control
  • Pan & Tilt Axis
  • Counter Balance Spring
  • Bubble Level
מק"ט POD-V5

Manfrotto 516 Pro Video Fluid Head

The Manfrotto 516 Pro Video Fluid Head is specifically for the latest DV camcorders used by documentary and industrial videographers, and can support cameras up to 22 lb. Equipped with fluid cartridges, which provides continuous adjustable drag control. This system gives quite a wide range of friction control down to "zero drag" and operates on both pan and tilt axis. Other features include separate pan and tilt locking mechanism, a fixed counter balance spring of 16.5 lb load capacity at a center of gravity of 5-inches and a built-in bubble level.

Continuous adjustable pan and tilt friction knob (from 0 to max level)
Separate pan and tilt locks
Sliding quick-release plate
Built-in leveling bubble
Maximum payload of: 22.0 lb
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